Full of Goodwill

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15 February, 2009

I spent $26 at Goodwill this afternoon, and I feel great.

I love shopping at Goodwill. It makes me feel lucky, and smart, and frugal.

I passed Goodwill as I was walking home from the library. I'd been thinking about getting some new (well, new to me) jeans and a sweatshirt or two if I could find one, so I thought I'd go in to see what they had.

What they had was a sale. Every single piece of clothing in the store was just $2.

I walked out of there with 8 pieces of clothing - plus 5 wine glasses (also $2 each), which made me happy, since I broke the last decent wine glass in the house last week.

What does $16 get you on $2-day at Goodwill?

  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • a nice all-wool Ann Taylor blazer for work
  • a dinner-casual black sweater
  • 2 decent ribbed sweaters - one black, one grey - suitable for work
  • a really lovely silk Nordstrom paisley blouse

At regular Goodwill used-clothing prices, these would have added up to $50 on an ordinary day.

I really like my new jeans, I love my new green silk shirt, and I feel terrific.