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I have a real affinity for poems that contrast teachings about God with the experience of God, and for poems about talking with God.

The middle section is just wonderful ...


The Bridge at Grez caught my eye. I liked the looseness of the watercolor style (compared to the impressionistic yet still relatively precise style of some of his oils and watercolors). The longer I looked, the more taken I was with the shadowed undersides of the arches.

Learning Resource Review

I would hope that everyone studying languages knows about the FSI courses - the comprehensive language courses developed for the Foreign Service Institute, freely available because of the vast public treasure that is the public domain.


I think this is the first poem of Sharif's I've read.

Her use of the word relief made me go look it up in a dictionary to learn all its meanings.

I can't remember the last time I read about tanners; it reminds me of learning about Butcher Town in San Francisco, a neighborhood and a time I've come across only rarely in reading about the history of the city.

The quick, almost abrupt ending is such a shift from the rest of the poem, that long history and then sudden (but also long, just compressed) change.


Blog entry

Yet another one that's not giving me much to go on.

So today I think I'll try some topic words - I bet I'll get a lot of 0 results, but maybe it'll point me in the right direction.

System is usually a pretty reliable word; 7 hits - and hmm, "of the █████ system" sure makes me think solar system. But no; 0 hits for solar.