Drupal tips

Drupal is one of those great tools that keeps adding features I didn't realize I needed. Every time I think, "I wonder if Drupal can do <em>this</em>?" - it turns out, Drupal can. (Usually by way of some wonderful plug-in module.)

I keep finding extraordinary gems in the modules list. I feel like I'm a fairly experienced Drupal user, and yet I keep discovering amazing new capabilities.

It makes me wonder whether some of the things I use every day and rely on heavily might be new discoveries for other users.

Here, then, are a few of the things that make Drupal such a joy.

Blog entry

The Admin Menu module is one of the first contributed modules I install whenever I set up a Drupal site. I don't know how I ever lived without it.

It adds a simple, small (but complete!) set of menus to the top of each page in your site - visible only to administrators (or whichever roles you've given permission). It makes it incredibly easy to add new content, check your logs, and update module settings.

Unlike some menu modules, it's very responsive - downright zippy, in fact.