I Commit, by Matthew Zapruder

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18 November, 2022
A man dropping a ballot in the slot of a ballot box

I really like the way this poem situates voting in the everyday (the kitchen table, the mailbox) and the abstract (the commons, art, thoughts), the philosophical and the practical (the school board).

yes I too walk around
considering my intractable problems
complaining it's too late
for more sonatas
everything is already too beautiful
music and anger won't save us

and I read "it's too late for more sonatas" and think he means "art won't save us from the coming catastrophe" but he continues "everything is already too beautiful" and then says it won't save us -

Is there too much beauty, nothing more to be said?

But here's this poem, beautiful and also persuasive, narrative and also aspirational.


Image by Edmond Dantès. Thank you, Edmond.