The Unbroken One

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17 November, 2022

As the dawn breaks, I see her kneeling
Picking up the bits of glass where they lay
And she says "It's just as well that he left me"
But I hear the hurt in what she doesn't say

And now, even though the glass is broken
She looks as though her life has just begun
One day a better man will raise his glass to
The Unbroken One

There's a picture of her mother and her father
Smiling, the way they used to do
And like the tape that holds the frame together
She tried to make her love the family glue

And now, even though the home is broken
And the promises have all come undone
She's looking for a love that lasts forever -
The Unbroken One

I've seen her weighted down by the loneliness
I've stared in disbelief while she bled
But now I see a strength in her movements
Resolution in the way she holds her head

And now, even though my heart is broken
I smile to watch her battles being won
For a world is changed on the strength of
The Unbroken One


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