Living in a Library

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16 December, 2008

I love cheap books. I go to thrift stores and library book sales and come home with boxes full of books I have no room for. Half my books (honestly, well over half my books) are in storage, waiting for me to bring them back home where I can read them.

And yet, I'm surrounded by books.

I daydream about reading all these wonderful books. I take small paperbacks to the bus stop with me - Teach Yourself French, A Brief History of Japan, The Portable Greek Historians.

Within arm's reach, the teaching books I mean to refer to more often for inspiration: Getting Things Done, Zen Guitar.

The heavy Cassell's dictionaries my grandparents gave me as a college gift: Spanish, French, German, Italian.

The Norton Scores anthology. The Campbell/Reese Essential Biology. McNeill's The Rise of the West.

Surprisingly, with many of these, even a quick dip is rewarding. Having them all to hand means I can pick one up and learn from it for a week, then put it back and sample something else.

I imagine a life spent reading, writing, reading, playing music, reading, drawing, reading. Someday, I may have the luxury to read all day, all week, all month; for now, it's a continual joy to live surrounded by pages and pages on every topic there is.