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San Francisco has a composting program, but I could never tell the criteria for getting a compost bin set up in apartment buildings.

As of this week, to my utter delight, there's a compost collection bin in the garbage room and a fabulous little breadbox-sized box in the apartment.

The garbage company thoughtfully provided a starter box of biodegradable plastic bags to line it.

Karen's Weekend Assignment this week asks us to review a film:

"Review a film. Any film. ... But there's one catch: the film should not be on your personal list of favorites; nor should it be a film you despise."

I read this and groaned.

Karen's Weekend Assignment this week asks about making a new start: "Tell us of one change you voluntarily made in your life at some point, that worked out really well."

. . . . .

When I was 17, I dropped out of college.