Redactle 28, May 4, 2022

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5 May, 2022

These are definitely fun, but I may take a break for a while pretty soon.

This one has a 14-character title - but the first word is 15 characters. With punctuation blanks like " (██), " and " as (████)(███)(████), █████ ; ██ ████ ███ █████████ ███████ is . ", it sure looks like something related to math.

So let's start with some math-related terms:

Huh. Zero hits for equation or chemistry or mathematics. Ah, but 11 hits for molecule. Okay, that helps.

So that first sentence has to have are in there, right? So I guessed are - 25 hits. So weird that we're given is for free, and was, but not are.

So any chance it's hydrocarbons or fluourocarbons? Hm - fluourocarbons in the plural is 14 letters, so one short. (Although I spelled it wrong; it's actually fluorocarbon, so just 13 for the plural.)

Let's just try carbon - yep, 23 hits.

So, I cheated and looked up types of organic molecules, and thought it might be carbohydrates, but that's only 13 letters. (Plus it would be a MUCH longer article.)

Ah, but one of the first types listed under carbohydrates is monosaccharide - and that has 14 characters.

Yep, that's our answer.

It's funny - there aren't really any specific rules about how you go about solving these - does this count as cheating? Probably.

I certainly would never have come up with monosaccharide on my own. (I mean, it's a word I know and understand; I just don't think about chemistry often enough for it to be on the tip of my tongue.)

And it's interesting to me that the word chemistry doesn't appear in the article at all.

So, today's unimpressive stats:

I solved today's Redactle (#28) in 18 guesses with an accuracy of 44.44%. Played at

Congratulations, you solved Redactle #28!

  • The answer was: monosaccharide
  • You solved it in 18 guesses
  • Your accuracy was 44.44%
  • You have solved 19 consecutive Redactles

Global Stats

  • Globally, 11064 players have solved today's Redactle so far
  • Global Median: 126.00 Guesses; 35.42% Accuracy
  • Global Average: 158.90 Guesses; 38.25% Accuracy
# Guess Hits
18 monosaccharide 15
17 helium 0
16 protein 0
15 lipid 0
14 compound 1
13 nitrogen 0
12 oxygen 3
11 hydrogen 0
10 organic 0
9 atoms 8
8 carbon 23
7 are 25
6 substance 0
5 chemical 5
4 molecule 11
3 mathematics 0
2 chemistry 0
1 equation 0


Including writing up my notes and eating my breakfast, that took about half an hour.

I think I'm ready for a more general concept - something like grammar or irrigation.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.