Remembering KFOG

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10 September, 2019

A friend told me Thursday morning that KFOG was shutting down for good - and they were doing a day-long farewell broadcast, featuring lots of Ten at Ten episodes and Live from the Archives sets. Thanks to him, I was able to tune in and listen to almost the whole day. It brought back a lot of memories.

Just before I went to bed, it occurred to me that it might be cool to put together a quick website commemorating the station and especially its golden age.

Friday morning, I registered the domain and started building.

Drupal is such an amazing tool that I was able to have the basic site built - including researching and posting a few pages about the DJs, the shows, and the site's history - by Saturday evening, having put in just 15 hours or so on the site. (There's an infinite amount more to add, of course, and I'll keep adding stuff as I have the time.)

The site is at I'm pretty pleased that I was able to get something together so quickly. KFOG was a big part of my life for many years, and it's nice to take some time to remember it.