I love music. I grew up on early 70s Top 40 and then album-oriented rock. Lately I've been discovering how much there is to love about jazz, and I've been finding my way into appreciating classical music, too. Earlier in life, I acquired all the Partridge Family albums and all the Styx albums (and I've kept up with those - I really liked Big Bang Theory). These days, I'm likely to listen to my large collections of Stephen Sondheim, Ani DiFranco, and Elvis Costello. I also write songs. I'm most comfortable writing and playing guitar, but I've written a few songs at the piano.

learning to love jazz

I grew up on pop music. I still like a lot of pop. I really like 70's rock, and I've come to a whole new appreciation of Bowie, Joni Mitchell - a lot of stuff I underappreciated when it was on the radio. (And sure, I'm still a big Styx fan. I really love Big Bang Theory, especially Tommy's songs.)

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