Dreaming in Code - now reading

Wow - I am really enjoying this book.

I've been a fan of Andy Hertzfeld since the early days of the Macintosh, and it's great to see the roles he plays in this story, and to get acquainted with Mitch Kapor, someone I hadn't known much about. (I love that Lotus was named for the lotus plant, a nod toward Buddhism.)

It's also affirming - and a bit of a vicarious sense of dread - to read about nebulous requirements, revisiting the decisions that will not die, and deadlines that slip because things are still not clearly defined. I know all those feelings from various projects, and I can really relate to Hertzfeld's desire to just get in there and CODE something, already.

There's a lot of informative background information (it's written to be understood by the less geeky among us), but also a lot of day-to-day action. I'm about halfway through (I should post a page number, but the book's in the other room), and I'm looking forward to reading more tonight.