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7 September, 2022
An illustration showing different kinds of men's hats, labelled in Japanese

Over on MetaFilter, beagle posted an appreciation of languagehat's blog, which has been running since 2002; beagle notes that there have been "posts on a daily basis virtually all of those twenty years."

languagehat is one of my favorite members of MetaFilter, and I am always happy to see his name appear as I'm reading threads there.

Somehow I completely failed to know that he had a blog.

It is, unsurprisingly, wonderful.

Recent posts have discussed Patrick Leigh Fermor on German Dialects, the 1970s TV show Wordsmith (also via a MetaFilter post), the etymology of the Russian word Nuel (which means "prone" or "face down"), and the phrase "by the skin of one’s teeth".

I am utterly delighted to know this blog exists, and I've added it to my regular reading list as a good alternative to reading too much depressing news online.

I am most grateful to languagehat (Steve Dodson) for writing these wonderful pieces and sharing them with us.