Using WikiHow to practice languages

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10 June, 2021

I recently discovered that WikiHow articles are often available in other languages - and now they're my favorite source of dual-language practice.

I can bring up an article in the target language (Spanish, French), and read it to practice comprehension and find new vocabulary words. It's terrific for the specialized vocabulary that goes with a particular hobby or daily activity, like playing the piano or making an omelet.

I can also bring up the English version of the article and see how well I can translate into the target language. I usually need to use the dictionary a lot, but it's great practice.

I'm not quite ready for Japanese WikiHow yet, but I would love to try How to Sketch (How to Sketch in English, How to Sketch in Spanish, How to Sketch in Italian) and How to Write a Love Song (How to Write a Love Song in English, How to Write a Love Song in French, How to Write a Love Song in German). The corresponding versions aren't usually direct translations, but they're often quite close - close enough for some great language study.