Tokio Hotel ist ausgezeichnet!

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18 August, 2011

I've been trying to reinvigorate my language skills, so I've started reviewing some of the languages I've studied, switching to a different one (Spanish, French, German, Italian) each week.

I thought music might help reinforce the vocabulary I was picking up, so I trawled the library for pop CDs in other languages. I had no idea what any of these bands would sound like; I figured I'd just check them out and give a few repeat listens to anything I enjoyed.

The first German-language CD I got was Tokio Hotel's Schrei! I skimmed the song titles and saw one, "Freunde Blieben," which I translated as "Staying Friends" or maybe something along the lines of "Friends Stay" (as in, "Friends Stick Around"). When I clicked Play, I was greatly amused to discover a big ol' "NICHT" in there, so the hook is actually more along the lines of "Let's keep on NOT being friends, shall we?" Heh.

While trying to make out the lyrics, I found the very cool Lyrics Translate site, which has been very useful as I've been learning the words to these poppy, driven boy-band tunes.

Es macht Spass!