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19 January, 2021

A few weeks ago, I watched City of Gold, a great documentary about Jonathan Gold, a groundbreaking food critic who wrote about food and music in Los Angeles.

I was fascinated by the footage of the big pizza-like things with the long shreds of what looked like cheese.

After poking around with search engines a bit, I found the restaurant that was featured in the film: Guelaguetza, a family-run place that specializes in the cuisine of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

Their menu has the tlayudas seen in the documentary - so many kinds! Chorizo, and mole, and epazote leaves, and even a vegetarian version. (And sure enough, those long, long strands you see in the film are strands of Oaxacan cheese.)

And I found a great article about Guelaguetza at The Ringer that talks about the history of the restaurant and the family behind it, and has some great quotes from Gold about why he was such a fan of the place.

I have no plans to be in Los Angeles anytime soon, but I love knowing about this place, and I hope someday I'll get to visit in person.