The Last Unicorn - recently read

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10 May, 2007

A little while back, I read about The Last Unicorn on Neil Gaiman's blog (he mentions the special edition of the DVD but there are lots of earlier references to Peter Beagle in there).

It sounded like something I should check out, so I reserved a whole bunch of Peter Beagle books from the library. (I love being able to reserve books at the library and waltz in to pick them up a few days later.)

I really enjoyed The Last Unicorn. It had lovely funny bits, and wonderful characters, and splendid magical things.

I think, ultimately, though, I enjoyed the mini-sequel in The Line Between even more. That's another post, though.

I thought the harpie was wonderfully described - I don't think about harpies, much - and the whole set of chapters at the castle by the sea, as well.

I suspect it would do well with a second reading.