Redactle 18, April 24, 2022

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24 April, 2022

So, the main thing we have to go on at first is punctuation. I notice the _._ in the bullet list about a quarter of the way through. There are similar _._______ blanks a few paragraphs later. That makes me think of numbers, so possibly a ratio or measurement.

"during," one of the free words, appears 28 times; that seems like a lot.

Then 1/3 of the way down, there's a bullet list with ~_ and _______ per ___, which again look like math and numbers.

So, my first wild guess is gravity, which is wrong but at least appears twice.

Then I tried ratio, which I mis-typed as radio, argh, so that's one bad guess. And ratio is only in there once.

Year and change made me try winter, which had a bunch of hits.

And now I'm examining the instances of ice, which is doing that thing in my brain where ice suddenly doesn't sound like a word because I've been saying it over and over in my head.

And then I tried snow and just like most of these puzzles, I did NOT expect that to be the answer! For one thing, I thought the title had more letters. (I wonder if there's an accurate way to figure out how many spaces there are in a blank.) I really expected snow would just give me a few more hints - I figured it would have maybe 6 or 8 results in the article.


Today's results:

I solved today's Redactle (#18) in 12 guesses with an accuracy of 83.33%. Played at

Congratulations, you solved Redactle #18!

  • The answer was: snow
  • You solved it in 12 guesses
  • Your accuracy was 83.33%
  • You have solved 9 consecutive Redactles

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  • Globally, 3752 players have solved today's Redactle so far
  • Global Median: 72.00 Guesses; 56.52% Accuracy
  • Global Average: 88.87 Guesses; 57.82% Accuracy

And today's list of guesses:

# Guess Hits
12 snow 252
11 glacier 6
10 ice 41
9 summer 2
8 winter 23
7 change 4
6 planet 0
5 year 8
4 time 4
3 ratio 1
2 radio 0
1 gravity 2

It's REALLY interesting to compare the full Wikipedia article on Snow to the Simple English article on Snow.