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Yet another one that's not giving me much to go on.

So today I think I'll try some topic words - I bet I'll get a lot of 0 results, but maybe it'll point me in the right direction.

System is usually a pretty reliable word; 7 hits - and hmm, "of the █████ system" sure makes me think solar system. But no; 0 hits for solar.

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This is another one that's not giving me much to go on.

So I'll start with some fairly common words, once again trying to go a little faster than I sometimes have in the past.

many and all show up in most articles, and we do get a few hits here. Nothing for perimeter, which I tried just because of all the outside and inside visible words.

Some random guesses: type and first - oh, but I guessed square up there to go with perimeter, and that gave me only 3 hits, but one of them is

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This one isn't giving me a lot of immediate ideas to go on, so I might just try to brute-force my way through some common words to see if they give me any hints.

I've been spending a little more time on Redactle than I'd like (I mean, it's fun, and I'm learning some stuff, and I enjoy watching how I think), so I might try to do this one a little more quickly.

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On a quick skim, I saw "Off-████████ " which sure makes me think "off-Broadway."

On a further skim, I note the very first sentence ends with "is an ████████ ███████. ", and that "is" suggests a living person. And that "an" needs to be followed by a vowel, which is making me think "American author."