Poems Recently Read

I try to read a few poems a week.

I picked up my copy of 180 More, and instead of picking a random poem, I decided to start with the first one:

"First Hour," by Sharon Olds.

This is a lovely, jarring poem that lifts me out of my immediate life into the moment she's describing.

I immediately wanted to know more of her work, and found a large collection at PoetryFoundation.org. I haven't read them all yet - I want to take them slowly - but I'm anticipating more surprising, welcome alien images.


I am lucky enough to own a couple of volumes of poetry by the amazing A. E. Stallings.

Randomly picking a few poems to read while sipping my tea, I came across "Pencil."

I love the rhymes, the occasional repetition or additional rhyme on the first and third lines.

She's so masterful, so skilled.


Thanks to Liz Lochhead's "Almost-Christmas at the Writers' House," I discovered Edwin Morgan.

I really like "Trio" - the images are so clear and precise, the ending so full of hope.

(He undoubtedly is referring to Buchanan Street in Glasgow, but I can't help but think of Buchanan in San Francisco. Overlaid associations from different lives.)