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23 September, 2022
The main project page of Leggiamo, an excellent Italian language resource

Leggiamo is an excellent resource for studying Italian.

The first level, Italian 101, consists of a series of short stories (actually, each story has a short version and an expanded version), with full audio of each story.

It's easy to download the full text and all the audio.

The material for Italian 102 is similar, but it's an adaptation of a single story: I promessi sposi.

The material developed for Italian 102 is mainly centered on a TPRS adaptation of one of the most important novels of the Italian literature: I promessi sposi, entitled The Betrothed in the English version.

I choose I promessi sposi, written in the 1800s by Alessandro Manzoni for many reasons. It is the first and the most famous Italian novel; it is a mandatory reading for all Italian high school students, no matter the type of high school in which they chose to enroll; it is a love story that could take place at any time in history; the synopsis is not complex but yet interesting for all ages (compelling, I hope); it is filled with historical and cultural references; the story is copyright free because the author died in 1873.

The approach was inspired by TPRS, Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling.

The creator, Andrea Petri, is a strong believer in Open Educational Resources, so the materials are freely available to all. I am so grateful to educators who make learning resources available to everyone.

I wish I remembered where I first heard about Leggiamo. It's possible I just searched the web for

"comprehensible input" "italian"


It's a great resource, and I really enjoy using it.