FSI courses at Yojik

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2 May, 2022

I would hope that everyone studying languages knows about the FSI courses - the comprehensive language courses developed for the Foreign Service Institute, freely available because of the vast public treasure that is the public domain.

The FSI courses - along with DLI courses developed for the Defense Language Institute and courses created for the Peace Corps - are freely available at the Yojik website, a labor of love created and maintained by Eric Streit.

There are materials for studying the most popular languages - Spanish, French, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Arabic - as well as many resources for languages that get less of the self-study limelight: Hausa, Sinhala, Maasai, Moldovan, Botswana, and Nepali, to name just a few.

Not everyone loves the intensive drilling style of these courses, and the quality of some courses is much better than others. (One comment on the Language Learners forum is particularly critical of the FSI Programmed Italian course:

The author, under the direction, guidance, and encouragement of the Senior FSI Language Staff misapplied a fairly successful methodology and provided the best example that I have ever encountered of how a good idea can be so poorly implemented that the original concept itself becomes discredited. I made roughly ten unsuccessful attempts at completing the FSI Programmed Italian course before finally buckling down and forcing my way through to the end.

Other FSI Programmed courses get much better reviews.)

The textbooks and audio are some of the most extensive courses available - and the fact that they're freely available, to anyone, makes me very happy indeed.