Learning Log

Quick notes from my adventures in learning.
Learning Log

Reviewing vocabulary today, I wondered about the difference between


As usual, I found some helpful info online:


yuu, yuugata 夕 - 5pm to 7pm
ban 晩 - 7pm to 10pm
yoru 夜 - 10pm onwards

Also, ban is usually used in combination (konban), not by itself.

Also yuube specifically means yesterday's evening. (Ah, or apparently as an evening event, like soiree.)

(I also came across a reference to "ushimitsu-doki", which is 2-3 am. Interesting!)

Learning Log

I'm having trouble remembering kagu, so I'd like to create a sentence or short story using lots of kag- words:

kagu - furniture
kagi - key
kage - shadow
kago - basket, cage
kagami - mirror
kagaku - chemistry, science
kagu - smell, sniff (in Library Lion)