The Shining Sea

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16 June, 2008

Karen's Weekend Assignment this week asks about something beautiful.

I have fallen in love with the ocean.

Growing up in the suburban midwest, I never knew the ocean. Now, I can walk up the hill and see the bay. I can drive a few miles west and stand at the edge of the world.

It's always different. Wind makes whitecaps. One day's glowing fog sky gives the water a grey green; another day it mirrors blinding blue. There's no knowing what the sea will bring: great clumps of pelicans, or one, or none, or a bobbing log, or a trio of fins slipping above the surface for a second at a time. Tides hide and reveal starfish, rocky landmarks, shapes of the shoreline, never the same from one week to the next.

I love the ocean because it is blue and beautiful.

I love the ocean because it holds a world.

I love the ocean because it is bigger than I can understand.