I don't cook often, but once or twice a month I like to make something good - and usually a lot of it. A big pot of soup, two pans of lasagna - something that will last, and reward the effort it took.

I'm an aspiring vegetarian: I'm not very good at it, but I prefer to eat little meat. Jars of beans and pasta certainly keep longer than ground beef.

Blog entry

Today I made a mess of lentil soup. (Literally.) A pound of lentils, an enormity of water, carrots and celery and potatoes, several leaves of lacy purple and latticed-red-and-green chard, served with very garlickly garlic bread. Just splendid.

And then putting up the leftovers, of course, they get all over the sink and the counter. Ah well. It'll be nice, though, having soup for Sunday dinner, and probably for lunch on Friday. Likely to be enough left over to freeze, too.

A big batch of soup every month seems to be a Good Thing. I think I'll try white bean soup in March.