Then She Found Me

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17 August, 2009
Elinor Lipman

Well, that was one of my fastest reads in a while. It's nice to be able to sit and read for hours at a time. It's a luxury I hope to indulge in more often.

I enjoyed this book more as it went along. At the start, I didn't like Bernice, and I started longing for a book with likable characters. By the end, though, I liked nearly everybody.

And I liked the book itself. There were plenty of surprises; there were excellent, distinct characters (including the Bernice's production assistants, who appear for about two pages, and yet make an impression, albeit a collective one); there were funny conversations.

When I looked for it in the library catalog, I noticed there was a film version. I just read about it on Wikipedia, and while I like Helen Hunt and I'm glad she got the movie made, I'm dismayed that the plot was changed so much.

It was a pleasure to read ... not sure what I'll tackle next, though.