The Steerswoman

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10 June, 2022
Rosemary Kirstein

This was a really good book.

I really liked all three of the main characters (although I wished Will had a better understanding of people ... but then, he's young). I liked the world, I liked the idea of steerswomen (although I had a really hard time disencumbering myself of the idea that the whole thing was about woman cowboys in the Old West), I liked the mystery Rowan was trying to solve, and her interactions with the other steerswomen and her friend the baron.

This was a fairly quick read for me (because I was enjoying it so much, and because it's well written and didn't slow me down with extraneous paragraphs or clunky phrasing), and I kind of wanted to zip through several more from that world - but I discovered Rosemary Kirstein has only written a few books, so I thought I would wait. This way I'll have more books to look forward to.