Trust Betrayed

Authored by
4 February, 2007

This song is only partly autobiographical. Parts are completely made up.

Every Christmas morning, my eyes all aglow
I would look for sleighmarks and hoofprints in the snow
Then one year my brother took me to one side
Told me there's no Santa, that Mom and Dad had lied

It's a mighty truth for a kid in second grade
There's no disappointment like a trust betrayed

I went off to school and I learned how we got free
I was proud of this country that loved truth and liberty
Then I read about the Indians, then I read about the blacks
And McCarthy and the CIA, and it stopped me in my tracks

I saw the face of evil in this union we had made
There's no rude awakening like a trust betrayed

They call it rites of passage, call it loss of innocence
So we can go on hoping, even though it makes no sense
Maybe you were right - I should make myself hard
Never take that chance
Never let down my guard

When you said you loved me, I knew what you meant
The last thing in my mind was to question your intent
Now you tell me it was nothing
You say I have to leave
But I don't know where to go - I don't know what to believe

For the first time in my life, I truly am afraid
Any wound can heal except a trust betrayed

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