Back Road

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4 February, 2007

Summer's coming, I feel it in the air
Breeze smells of grass and storm
Feel the thunder brush my hair
All wild and warm
All my memories at their posts
Walk the street in the fading day
Welcomed by the playground ghosts
That once chased me away

Coming back
Heading home
On the back road

Winter's coming down tonight
Words freeze in steaming breath
Grinning pumpkins shedding light
And mocking death
What is it about this place
Where I died and was made whole
Nails and hammers change its face
But still I know its soul

Coming back
Heading home
On the back road

Change is coming, the house is sold
I look at it long and hard
Past a child five years old
Still playing in the yard
I have come to face what's gone
I have come to climb the hill
I have come to call upon
The girl that lives here still

Coming back
Heading home
On the back road

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