Six Garage Sale Books - Things I've Been Wanting to Read

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13 May, 2007

Stopped by a garage sale yesterday and saw a few books stacked on the sidewalk. The nice young lady said they were two for a dollar - a fine price - so I started digging through them in earnest.

I came away with:

Running with Scissors
My Antonia
A Prayer for Owen Meany
Tom Jones
The Practice of Philosophy: A Handbook for Beginners (Rosenberg)
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (Michael Chabon)

Everyone's reading Augusten Burroughs these days, so it seemed time to pick up a copy; they had another one by him but I figured one was enough for now. I've read and liked My Antonia (and I hope it doesn't turn out I already have a copy; that's always a possibility), and I thought I'd like to have it on the shelf for handy re-reading. And Owen Meany is another one of those books I keep seeing everywhere, so it seemed worth checking out.

I'd never heard of the Chabon, but - now, I thought I'd read something else of his I liked, but now that I think about it, I'm not at all sure I have. But this looks good, and I'm looking forward to it.

And the philosophy book - well, handbooks and guidebooks and introductory books are always fun.

The real find, though, was Tom Jones, a book I'd never had much interest in until I read A White Bear talking about the book's profound influence on her life in Is faith a choice?. Now, I'm really glad I have a chance to read it, and I think I'll have to read a bunch of Hume right after, too.

My giant stack of books has just grown another five inches.