Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure

Authored by
21 August, 2010
Matthew Algeo

Original notes:

I'm really enjoying this so far. I dream sometimes about taking a nice long road trip, and it's a pleasure to take this one vicariously.

After finishing:

I enjoyed the book. I'm not entirely sure what I think of Truman (I think I find a fair amount to admire, but I'll have a better idea when I get a chance to read McCullough's biography), but I really liked the idea of him tooling across the country, stopping to see old friends. I shared his frustration that he couldn't just be a private citizen (although the warmth a lot of strangers expressed must have been gratifying).

I was really stunned to learn about his difficulties getting a pension, especially considering he was Commander in Chief.

All in all, kind of lightweight, but a fun and enjoyable read.