A Book of Bees - just finished

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21 April, 2007

Wow. What a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Her description of assembling new hives is utterly delightful, especially the last paragraph.

And I loved this:

The only time I ever believed that I knew all there was to know about beekeeping was the first year I was keeping them. Every year since I've known less and less and have accepted the humbling truth that bees know more about making honey than I do.

(p. 47)

and this:

The relationship of the flowers that need pollinating to their pollinators interests me more than I have time to allow it: I want to think about this a great deal. I am looking forward to being old. No one could expect an old lady to keep more than a hundred hives of bees, so I'll be able to surround myself with flowers and animals.

(p. 89)

I actually want to quote the whole paragraph - heck, most of the book - because the beauty of these snippets is so much more complete within the full context of the book.

I learned about it from a recommendation at Neil Gaiman's blog.

This was a library book I'm planning to add to my personal collection.