Garage Sale Books

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24 March, 2007

Happened by a garage sale today given by a young woman with some tastes fairly similar to mine, apparently. I picked up Rousseau's Confessions, On Liberty by John Stuart Mill, An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth by Bertrand Russell, and Composicion - Proceso y síntesis, textbook and workbook, all for $2.50. I figured the Mill and Rousseau were already in my Great Books series (the Mill is, but the Great Books Rousseau volume doesn't have the Confessions, and besides, this is a Modern Library edition, which I've accidentally started to collect), and it seems likely that there's already a copy of the Russell around here someplace, but for 50 cents, if I find it's a duplicate, I can always just give one away to the library.

I love having new used books. They fill me with a happy anticipation of reading them. Someday.