Footpath in the Woods


One recent morning I stumbled across Cezanne's Footpath in the Woods for my morning moment with art.

I remember seeing Cezanne works on visits to the Chicago Art Institute as a kid, and I really always associate him with still lifes.

The two landscapes I came across during this recent week delighted me - so different from the still lifes, so much themselves and yet still clearly Cezanne's (the pigeon tower more than the woods).

I love the suggestion of what's not there, and the occasional daubs of paint, and the completeness of the partially drawn trees. For days afterward, I was looking at trees in my neighborhood, in the park, and imagining them drawn this way, just a few branches calling forth a whole.

I would really like to copy this work over and over to see what I could learn from the way Cezanne sees.



Footpath in the Woods, a Cezanne drawing