April Gornik's Blue Day, Blue Night


After discovering April Gornik at the Dayton Art Institute's site and beginning to explore her paintings last week, I was looking forward to spending time with more of her work.

Today I'm looking at Light Before Heat. The thumbnails for Gornik's large paintings from 1980-1987 show lots of darker images - which I love - but that meant my eye was drawn to the exceptions, like the lovely, light-filled (light-made?) Light Before Heat.

I love the way the reflections of the rocks seem to be just their present other halves, and the way the reflections of the clouds curve in the water to suggest waves softly coming in to shore on that utterly still bay.

I love the light, soft blues, and the dark deep greens of the land.

I would love to see this painting in person.

Light Before Heat, a painting by April Gornik showing dawn reflecting clouds in a quiet body of water