April Gornik's Blue Day, Blue Night


I discovered April Gornik at the Dayton Art Institute's site, and a quick web search turned up her own site.

What beautiful paintings.

I spent several minutes looking at Blue Day, Blue Night. The trees are nearly black, and the sky is a deep storm-suggestive blue, with ice floe clouds.

I know "color and light" is a cliche when it comes to art (not that that kept Sondheim from turning it into one of his loveliest songs), but when I look at this painting (well, the online photograph of this painting), it shows me color in ways I hadn't seen it before, shows me light in new ways.

The hints of yellow-brown in the middle right of the work; the brightness of the tuft of cloud behind the trees on the left.

And, because my knowledge of art history is so minimal, the term "luminists" was new to me. I'm glad to have that whole world to explore, now.

Blue Day, Blue Night, a painting by April Gornik showing luminous clouds before a deep blue sky