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Emma Straub

I liked this a lot - and was surprised by how much I liked this, especially since I had such a hard time getting started with it.

The book starts with a death, and each time I started it, I just didn't feel up for a book that starts with a death. But the last time I tried, I didn't really have anything else I wanted to read more, so I just kept going.

Learning Resource

I would hope that everyone studying languages knows about the FSI courses - the comprehensive language courses developed for the Foreign Service Institute, freely available because of the vast public treasure that is the public domain.

The Bridge at Grez by Childe Hassam, a watercolor of a bridge with dark trees behind it

The Bridge at Grez caught my eye. I liked the looseness of the watercolor style (compared to the impressionistic yet still relatively precise style of some of his oils and watercolors). The longer I looked, the more taken I was with the shadowed undersides of the arches.


I have a real affinity for poems that contrast teachings about God with the experience of God, and for poems about talking with God.

The middle section is just wonderful ...